Heat Treating

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Heat Treating

Hardening the metal or alloy you need with our superior heat treatment process.

Wire-Tech Manufacturing offers a full range of methods for heat treatment furnace parts hardening and quenching depending on client needs. Methods include case hardening, precipitation/age hardening, deep case hardening, normalizing, sintering, and flame hardening methods. Our quenching methods include oil, nitrogen, brine, and air quenching. Brazing on nichrome, copper, gold, and silver.

Depending on your requirements we can use heat treating to alter the material you’ve chosen or provided through either annealing, normalizing, or tempering it. This allows us to control the properties of your material, and with successive heat treatments, your material will match your expectations.
  • Increase or Decrease Hardness
  • Relieve Internal Stress
  • Enhance Machinability
  • Increase Resistance to Corrosion
  • Refine Grain Structure
  • Alter Electrical and Magnetic Properties
  • Increase Cutting Ability

Contact Us About Using Heat Treatment to Create Your Product

We use multiple progressions in our heat treatment process to create your desired product with the exact properties outlined. Contact us about your project and we’ll send a quote for our heat treatment service.