The Wire-Tech Team

Meet The People Who Make Wire-Tech Manufacturing a Success.

Our Commitment

Wire-Tech Produces High Quality Products with Precision

For over 25 years, Wire-Tech has been providing industries across Texas and the country with high quality products. All of our processes are used with precision and efficiency for minimal wasted material or time. This aligns with our goal of always providing a cost-effective service to each industry we serve.


Our facilities remain up to date with the latest, state-of-the-art tools, machines, and processes that help us stay as efficient and precise as possible. Between these tools and our excellent team members, we have stayed in business for 25 years and counting and we will continue doing so.


What We Value at Wire-Tech

Wire-Tech is a diverse workplace. Our employees come from many diverse backgrounds and locales. We like to think of our facility as a merger for everyone that works here, as it’s their passion for machining and crafting that brings them together.


Our machinery and tools are equally diverse at Wire-Tech. We are fanatics for both new and innovative technology, while at the same time sticking to tried and true methods when applicable. We value the conglomeration of materials and machines, merging the past and the present to create the future.


One of the values we uphold the highest is our ability to exceed expectations. No matter what, we aim to create only the highest quality products at Wire-Tech. We know we can take it further, though, and often do, creating products that impress not only our clients but also ourselves.


Wire-Tech's Passion for Machining

Wire-Tech is a leading manufacturer for fabricated products, parts, tools and more. We serve several important industries across not only the state, but the entire country. The passion our employees at Wire-Tech have for machining, molding, crafting, welding and more is what helps us maintain our position as a leader within our industry.

The Wire-Tech Mission

Our mission at Wire-Tech is to provide every client with the highest quality products built with precision. By extension, our aim is to build a trust between Wire-Tech and our clients. That trust is what keeps our facility, employees, and industry moving forward. So far, we have built trust with our clients through the products we’ve manufactured and will not cease to continue doing so.


Charlie Arteaga

President and CEO

Jared Lopez

Wire EDM Specialist

Art Reyes

General Manager Operations

John Lantier

Quality Assurance Manager

Laura Franco

Office Manager

Cesar Cisneros

Production Supervisor

doing our part in the community

Our community supports our business and so we must support our community. 

We are a strong activist of transferable learning and have partnered with Alamo Community College Work-Study Program to provide apprenticeship training on an ongoing basis.   We have worked with many apprentices, who are now certified qualified Technicians and Engineers and an accolade that we are proud.


We support this initiative with great pride, and continue to train aspiring machinists.


We Serve Many Industries with Pride


Wire-Tech is proud to serve the aerospace, aeronautics, government, automotive, industrial, and defense industries. We are certainly not limited to these industries and will welcome any company or project that may benefit from using Wire-Tech’s services.


We specialize in manufacturing with aluminum, stainless steel, brass, tool steel, carbide, titanium, A2 steel, and D2 steel. If you are in need of fabrication using a different kind of metal, we can support you in that along with your design plan and processing needs.


Wire-Tech is dedicated to providing the highest quality products through cost-efficient and precision manufacturing processes. Our dedication has led us through 25 years of excellent service in the industry. As we continue to provide our services, we will also continue to grow. This includes expanding the industries we serve and the materials we use. Wire-Tech is dedicated to your manufacturing needs.