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Wire-Tech EDM provides standard as well as high precision tolerances. Our wire cut Electrical Discharge Machinery has the capacity to run multiple wire sizes, including microwire as small as 0.0004′′ (0.101mm) in diameter.  For standard wire EDM projects we use .010″ diameter brass wire. Our experience and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to provide accurate, repeatable, high quality parts and components made from any type of conductive material.

We also offer RAM EDM which allows us to provide for our clients a variety of shapes and sizes inside blind cavities, Hexes for special bolts and parts & helical cut gears and shapes, very small workpieces, internal splines, blind keyways, molds and the ability to make complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to produce with conventional cutting tools. The process is remarkable for accuracy, precision, and structural integrity. Our technology and equipment ensure greater consistency, repeatability, and efficiency.

Our team at Wire-Tech Manufacturing set the Gold Standard in our local area for providing wire EDM services to our customers over 25 years. 

  • Molding Components
  • Stamping Dies and Tooling
  • Prototyping
  • Automotive
  • Medical

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Let us know what you want to create, whether you have a design or you want us to create one for you. Our team will create it with precision despite any intricacies with our wire EDM and RAM EDM processes with guaranteed results.

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Contact Us for High Quality Wire EDM and RAM EDM Services. Our team is backed with over 25 years of experience to help serve you with precision and proficiency. The Wire EDM and RAM EDM machine shop here at Wire-Tech is well-equipped to create your designs.