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26 years of experience with providing a wide area of specialty projects.

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Choose Wire-Tech MFG for Quality, Precision and Experience.
Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

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Our Specialist Team works with your ideas and designs to creation.

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Our team of Programmers and highly specialized mechanists are professionally trained and certified.

Smart Work

We work smart, using high-tech modern applications, equipment, and machinery.

Our Factory is equipped With modern technology for ensuring High Precision and Quality.

Our skilled team of machinists leverages modern technology, materials, and processes, to make quality precision tool & dies and metal parts.

We pride ourselves in the craft of tool & die making and metal machining.  We work with clients to manufacture solutions that will maximize the performance of their products and solutions.

If you require a die, a tool, or other custom metal part, or just simply have a new innovative idea that requires custom metal parts and would like to explore the possibilities, then we are the company you should visit to make your vision a reality.

Charlie Arteaga

CEO and President

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    Our Team is supported by a dedicated group of employees who continuously strive to produce quality products and service, with the highest level of customer service excellence.
    We ensure this by continuously training and developing our team.