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We Are The Leading Company In The Country, With Quality Products.

Quality Materials

Our products start with acquiring the best materials required for meeting certified industry standards.
We specialize in metal working of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, tool steel, carbide, titanium, A2 steel, and D2 steel.

Experienced Team

With over 26 years of experience, our team is committed and dedicated to providing quality customer service and quality outcomes. Whether it's ideation, design or creation we work with our clients to deliver the highest quality products with precision.

High Caliber Technology

Our machinery, applications, and modern technology are state of the art. Our processes are done with precision and efficiency for minimal wasted material and time. This aligns with our goal of providing a cost-effective service.

Wire-Tech Produces High Quality solutions with Precision and Efficiency for Each Industry we serve.

Wire-Tech is a leading manufacturer of fabricated products, parts, tools, and more.  We serve several industries across Texas and the USA. Our employees are dedicated, passionate, and committed to producing quality products for machining, molding, crafting, welding, and more for maintaining leadership in the industry and service excellence consistently to our customers.   


Health and Safety at Wire-Tech MFG is #1 priority. Our operations continuously meet OSHA compliance for our Machines and Tools and provide workers with safe and environmentally safe space to operate daily. Team members have also been trained annually about workplace safety and practices.


Wire-Tech MFG is committed to sustainability of the environment. Our manufacturing operation methods support and sustain renewable ways of producing products that do minimal harm to the environment. We conserve energy and scrap reduction using smart technology, process and procedures.


Our business operates on seven (7) business principles that substantiate our company’s core values for integrity: Trustworthiness, Quality, Follow-Through, Corporate Citizenship, Value-Creation, Willingness to Adapt and Respect.

Leading Manufacturer
High Quality and Precision

We provides best industry and company services

why choose us

Choose Wire-Tech MFG for Quality, Precision and Experience.
Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

Great Support

Our Specialist Team works with your ideas and designs to Creation.

Professional Team

Our team of programmers and highly specialized members are professionally trained and certified to ensure we meet industry standards.

Smart Work

We work smart, using high-tech modern applications, equipment, and machinery.

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.

highly specialized Mechanists

for Quality and precision

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